Briley's first day of school is Monday September 27th!

3rd birthday is Saturday the 25th.


My baby isn't a baby anymore!

On another note, his shoe size is that of a one year old & of all things to worry about this is the one I can't let go! Ugh!

I'll post birthday pics & first day pics when they happen!

A Whole New Chapter

God's breath to my soul
All joy and untainted love
My sweet special boy

Today I printed, stored & deleted all of my old blog entries. It is time for a fresh clean start. As Briley gets ready to move from Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) to Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) I realize how much things have changed and how much things are going to change soon. This truly starts a new chapter for us that feels more like living and less just just surviving; it is something that I think needs its own blog!

 Releasing, Refreshing & Renewing!